1. Ride #4: Ljubis Kranjaix

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    The queen of the Classics - Paris Roubaix. There’s no climbs in it’s parcours and still it is regarded as the toughest one day race in the callendar - L’Enfer du Nord (The Hell of the North). The 260km race has 27 cobble sectors ranging from 300m to 3.7km in distance which are categorized with one to five stars on a difficulty level. In the week between Tour of Flanders and Paris Roubaix maybe the explanation of Chris Horner (41 and still racing) is in place: “Let me tell you, though - there’s a huge difference between Flanders and Paris–Roubaix. They’re not even close to the same. In one, the cobbles are used every day by the cars, and kept up, and stuff like that. The other one - it’s completely different … The best I could do would be to describe it like this - they plowed a dirt road, flew over it with a helicopter, and then just dropped a bunch of rocks out of the helicopter! That’s Paris–Roubaix. It’s that bad - it’s ridiculous.”

    Ljubis Kranjaix map final

    The parcours of our tribute ride Ljubis Kranjaix, instead of the cobbles, features some more or less bad field and forest roads. It’s just over 60km long and it doesn’t have any prominent climbs, although it’s constantly rising to the North. The start takes place on Trg Francoske Revolucije (French Revolution Square) in front of Križanke. Like the Paris Roubaix, that finishes on the Roubaix velodrome, our ride will finish after one lap of the Kranj velodrome.

    Ljubis Kranjaix lastkm

    Meeting point:

    Sunday 7th April on Trg Francoske Revolucije (in front of Križanke)

    Start at 9:00 AM Sharp!

    The Map

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